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longest reach pg1 by BlueHalios longest reach pg1 :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 2 0 boys pretending tobe mountains by BlueHalios boys pretending tobe mountains :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 0 2
awakeless cycle
last night as i lay dreaming:
the rain fell against the window,
like birds flocking
to the breadcrumbs of my heart
and in my sleepless dream
each one was an angel
that took my self into their firey belly.
my blood mixed with the ink of dusk,
and the restlessness of my churning
percepitated dawn

like rain pouring from a spout
i awoke, in an awakeless daily life.
would that i could commit to my task
and count your eyelashes, without being distracted
by the splender of your eye,
i would gather the you inside of me
like birds to bread crumbs
like water in a tempary vessel.
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lemon bird by BlueHalios lemon bird :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 1 1
after a storm
lately i have come to believe that clouds
are the paddle boats of the sky. when their great wheel
turns, water pours out from that basin.
how else could you explain the blueness of the sky
after a summer rain. or the attraction of
mars, on the night time thigh.
often times, i wish that i where a sunfish,
that, this would explain my attraction to red
like foolish cherry lycorish, hung on a fishing line
rapped around a soda can. thrown back
with each catch.
Nabokov once said, life is a thread of light
between two darkness'. i have seen
the splash of the catfish tail, in the streetlight
and know the river is no darker, no less maddening
then the air.
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ugly man i love
ugly man i love,
do not conceal the 4 AM cracks
that  trace the crevice of your eye, and jowl line.
you real old, like pipe tobacco and long walks.
i know by river you think ‘jumping in,’
and identify with dry delta cracked mud.
your picture is a dust cover: that face a map,
to the history of one man,
which is as much the history of all men,
as anything else recorded.
you text book, somebody has used february
as a bookmark, that milky spring moon
folded in half. your tears are math periods paper footballs,
rescued from the trash by a nostalgic janitor.
sit there old man, reject me old man
i am two decapitated deer, you have mounted my heads
and removed the crowns, so that my antlers
are naked and intimidating.
i have to believe that fate is a journeyman
that has gotten ahead of itself.  i no longer
believe in moons, i want to fall in mystery with you.
so that i am a spring flower in your
cracked mud, before the thaw comes
and floods.
you real old, ugly man
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Last night, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt —marvellous error!—
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.
–Antonio Machado (1875 - 1939)

my friend,
i had not yet cracked open the book, when i saw a monarch butterfly
land on its regal milk weed, just above a cleft where its poisonous honey ran out.
between those wings creation was perfect unseen, untaxable by the spreading of time.
i thought of you then Machado, deep in your cleft, felt only now by Gods
secret phrenology, that passes between the magots and forever.
the sun had shown out, so that upon the cleft of the book milk poured out
and the memory of printed words where honey.  somewhen an archealogist
digs deep into the cleft earth, obsedian sheen, like the shovel side of a hole
creation is perfect: the honey, the milk, the blood, mix together
the butterfly spreads open its orange kingdom, my heavy mind
falls out of the b
:iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 1 1
Preparations: Longest Reach
does the wind make love
to the peaks of mountains?
spreading the cool mountain ecstasy
through the valley. teasing the fragrant hairs
of jealous flowers.
ah, to know a flower song!
always reaching for their Lover:
songs for the sun.   their feet firmly
hugged by earth, gossiping
through intermediaries.
even when the wind is teasing,
rotating about the peaks of mountains,
with promiscuous howls,
that love making is only a song for the Lover.
the blood in our cheeks reaches for the sun,
speaking through intermediaries
like thorned honey bees.
in the valley singing songs
for the Beloved, imitating the wind
that tickles flowers.
that this Eden dream disrupts
into reminiscence,
as origins are chased by origins,
and the first of the first
seams to be the last note
of the last octave.
that i would search and find,
that these dreams would plunge back in time and mind,
that in the valley i would search the mountains.
that mountains are the breasts of mothers,
that infant ton
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Sometingpositive2 by BlueHalios Sometingpositive2 :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 1 2 Sometingpositive1 by BlueHalios Sometingpositive1 :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 1 3 sbloo by BlueHalios sbloo :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 0 2 clean meets fun by BlueHalios clean meets fun :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 2 1 dreams 2 by BlueHalios dreams 2 :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 0 2 dreams 1 by BlueHalios dreams 1 :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 1 5 traveling companion by BlueHalios traveling companion :iconbluehalios:BlueHalios 2 6
basho translation attempt
Ancient still pondó
                  a frog leaps in
the sound of water.
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aaron i.
United States
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don't know how many read this but i have a request for yall to help me

i want to do a series of desktop pictures/wallpapers

from you i want the following

a theme
your moniter specs
and five obstructions
for example of work and obstructions:……


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